Two Pornstars vs One Banana

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Picture 156 Two Pornstars vs One Banana

History’s luckiest banana

Our friends from SINN & SKINN were in Las Vegas last week for the AVN Awards and while there they challenged two hot pornstars, Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor, to put a condom on a banana without using their hands.

The girls had their own idea.

Rather than just put a condom on a banana, they decided to put on a show with the banana!

Honestly, watching this video is the most fun anyone has ever had with a banana.

Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor have skyrocketed up my list of favorite pornstars. Way to go, girls!

Does it mean that I’m obsessed with sex if I think that Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor going HAM (hard as a motherfucker) on this banana was a more effective healthy eating PSA than the one that Michelle Obama shot with the Miami Heat?

Big thanks to SINN & SKINN for getting Cali Carter and Tiffani Taylor together to destroy that lucky, lucky banana.

Sharing Gets You Laid
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