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Underboob vs. Sideboob

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Alice Goodwin makes a case for underboobs

If you read my crop top post, you should know that I am not only the world’s top proponent of crop tops but also that I’m a huge fan of underboob cleavage.

But there are still some people out there that maintain the belief that there’s nothing that beats a good sideboob.

And then there are people who think underboob and sideboob are both inferior to seeing boobs fully nude. I have to agree that seeing boobs fully nude is better than underboob or sideboob because it’s the main prize. Though that’s not exactly fair to underboob and sideboob because their purpose is to tease rather than reveal.

Boobs are the million dollar jackpot, whereas underboob and sideboob are more like trying to decide between an all-expense paid vacation or a brand new car. Both are worthy prizes, it just comes down to your individual preference.

Wait a second. I’m supposed to be fanning the flames of the underboob vs. sideboob debate, not extinguishing them.

Let’s say that the internet was not going to go boob-free. No more bare breasts on the internet but underboob and sideboob pics were still allowed. Which would you prefer?


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Keep in mind that this scenario is totally hypothetical. We’re still going to have plenty of underboob, sideboob, and full frontal boob pictures and videos on the internet for quite some time.

But if you had to choose between sideboob and underboob, which one would you choose?

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