Underrated Sex Acts

Two months ago, in a profound and earth-shattering clash of two intellectual titans, Chico Dusty and I touched our tips together in an attempt to dissect the results of our reader poll, which was designed to collect data from our readers about the most overrated sex act.

I tried to make sure that my personal most overrated sex act, handjobs, won the poll so I could fan my already inflated ego and prove once and for all that I am a genius. Surprisingly, anal sex achieved a stunning come-from-behind (HAHAHAH GET IT?) win and was declared by Sex.com’s faithful following as the universe’s official most overrated sex act.

And I thought I could trust you guys.  I’ll never make that horrible mistake again.

Well, in the spirit of it being Monday and neither of us having anything to write about, we’ve decided to ‘flip the script’ and ask you to help us determine which sex act is the most underrated of them all.  After the poll closes, we’ll compare the results of overrated vs. underrated in the most thrilling death match this world has ever seen.

Can you feel the intrigue?

So you may ask, which sex act do I personally think is the most underrated?

This might sound completely contradictory, but I’m going to vote handjobs.  I KNOW I KNOW, last time I just couldn’t stop talking shit about handjobs.  And I don’t take any of that back!  I really think they pretty much suck.  But here’s the thing – as the running joke of sex, as CLEARLY the lamest of all sexual acts that can be bestowed upon thee, handjobs have gotten some really bad press.

But they’re still sex.  They still feel pretty good (I guess.)  The point I’m making is that, even though handjobs are pretty shitty, they’re better than nothing!  And for that reason, I label handjobs as both the most over-rated AND under-rated sex acts.

Here are some ‘pornographic pictures’  of said sex acts to get you primed up for the most important decision you’ll ever have to make in your life:


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Published on: March 18, 2014

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