Try This Out: Use Coconut Oil as Lube

Sometimes, even if she’s majorly wet, having an extra bit of help from lube can really make sex better for everybody involved, but the problem is that a lot of women (and men) are easily irritated by lubes because let’s face it, they’re full of chemicals.

So, since we’re using coconut oil on pretty much anything now a days, someone seemed to think it would be a smart idea to use it as lube as well. And it turns out, it is! Or at least, that’s what the internet had to say about it. I couldn’t find anybody saying anything bad about using it as lube, which is a majorly good sign because the internet usually has contradictory opinions on just about everything. I even asked me gyno, who said she couldn’t see the harm in it but to just always test it on your skin first to avoid any unpleasant allergic reactions in less convenient places.

What’s great about coconut oil is, it smells great, it tastes great (so she’ll be more willing to use her mouth) and it even has antifungal properties, which reduces the risk of infections. And if you’re anything like me, who sort of cringes at the thought of all the chemicals we put in our bodies/ingest on a daily basis, well this is just one less thing to cringe about, right?

Now that I listed all the good things about it, let me tell you about one teeny problem. If you plan on using latex condoms with coconut oil, don’t. Oils in general (and take note those who use Vaseline) are not good for latex. But that shouldn’t be too much of a problem, as there’s always the non-latex condom option.

Also, if you haven’t caught up with the fad yet, coconut oil is not only good to have around for sexy purposes but it’s also handy for if you want to moisturize, remove your makeup or make a stir-fry. I promise you she’ll be impressed you knew that.

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Published on: May 28, 2014

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