Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 4) – DIY Dildos

Oh no.

We’re less than a week from Valentine’s Day.

The worst part about Valentine’s Day must be seeing couples do romantic things. It’s a painful reminder that you’ve never loved anyone. The only reason that you even see anyone at all is to satisfy your sexual appetite.

But the second worst part is definitely the shopping. Shopping is hard no matter what the occasion is. But this ain’t just any occasion. It’s Valentine’s Day. If your present stinks, you could go without sex for months! Which is totally unfair, by the way.

To save your sex life, we here at have taken it upon ourselves to provide the best possible gift suggestion this Valentine’s Day. That’s why we’re back with the fourth installment of’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

Part 4 of the Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is strictly for women who have boyfriends or husbands but prefer using their own personal collection of dildos and sex toys.

It’s the Clone-A-Willy Kit!

Make your own dildo using your boyfriend or husband’s actual human penis.

Check out this Safe-For-Work demonstration on how to make your own DIY dildo:

Amazing right! What makes the Clone-A-Willy Kit the perfect gift for this Valentine’s Day is that it allows women who prefer sex toys to actual penises to continue to use a sex toy without emasculating their man completely. And they come in almost any color!

The kit is also good for long distance relationships and staying hung up on your ex.

Depending which Clone-A-Willy Kit you want, it will cost between $25 and $50.

Shipping is free so order one today from their website,

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Published on: February 8, 2013

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