Virtual One Night Stand App: Yes or No?

Virtual One-Night's Stand

Virtual One-Night’s Stand

A few weeks ago, I received an email telling me about the coolest new dating app, AppNightStand. Well, not exactly a dating app. More like an alarm clock. But an alarm clock that lets you meet singles. A virtual one night stand, if you will.

Naturally, I was curious. How can you meet singles in your sleep and have a one-night’s stand over on your smartphone? So I downloaded AppNightStand to see what it was all about. And it wasn’t pretty…The first thing you need to do after downloading AppNightStand is connect through Facebook:


This is common for dating apps because it’s the easiest way to verify your identity.

Once you’re logged in, you get to set your alarm and invite other singles in your area (or your single Facebook friends) to wake up at the same time, like so:


AppNightStand is free to download but you only get 30 wake-up invites. Once you’ve used those 30 invites, you have to pay to get more. It’s only $0.99 for 50 more invites or $12.99 for a million, but why bother making the app free if you’re only going to have to pay to use it in the future? It’s a blatant money grab and I don’t like it.

If by chance someone does accept your wake-up invitation, you’re sent to the “Wake up together” screen where you’ll be able to chat with someone:


Afterwards, AppNightStand leaves the rest up to you (which is the actual work of trying to hook-up with the person):


As far as dating goes, the virtual one night stand could help you find a partner to hook-up with. I will not rule that out. However, AppNightStand’s critical flaw is that it chooses to focus on the worst part of a one night stand: waking up together.

Is there anything more awkward about the one night stand than waking up in the morning together? At least one of you knows that you have absolutely no interest in seeing the other ever again and most of the time you can’t really remember their name or how they got there.

The only good thing about a one night stand is the no-strings attached sex that you get to have, which is totally absent from this virtual one night stand app. Obviously, if there was some way of having virtual no-strings attached sex over your smartphone, it would never make it through the app store.

Waking up together is something that couples do. Or possibly really good friends that share a bed because their friendship is too solid to let something as trivial as sleeping in separate beds keep them apart.

I don’t understand how having a single wake-up buddy would somehow contribute to dating. Simply AppNightStand is not the virtual one night stand we’ve been looking for. Basically, AppNightStand seems like a gimmicky alarm clock that preys on people’s desires to have one night stands.

A virtual wake up could be a good icebreaker if there weren’t already apps that matched you with someone who found you attractive. Plus, making people pay for invites when all other dating apps are free just doesn’t make any sense.

I can’t recommend AppNightStand to anyone. But I just thought you’d like to know about the worst dating app ever.

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Published on: April 3, 2013

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