Behind the Green Door gets remake through Vivid

The original Behind the Green Door

With some of porno chic’s seminal works like Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones, and Debbie Does Dallas* remade by Vivid, it only makes sense that they are preparing a remake of 1972’s Behind the Green Door.

Vivid founder and co-chairman Steve Hirsch explained the decision to remake BtGD:

“The ?70s are referred to as ‘The Golden Age of Porn’ and these four titles helped launch the porn business into the mainstream. ‘Behind the Green Door’ dug deep into the sexual side of human nature and took viewers to a place that no other adult film had gone before. We hope to achieve the same result with our remake.”

Check out the first 13 minutes of the original below.


Because it is on youtube, you won’t get any of the sex. Think of it as a SFW extended trailer.

Marilyn Chambers from Genesis Magazine circa 1976

If you consider yourself a porn fan, you should find a copy of the original before the remake is done. A casting call is scheduled for July 20th and Vivid has enlisted the help of McKenna Taylor, Marilyn Chambers’ daughter, to choose the role of Gloria. Production should start sometime in September, which gives you ample time to get familiar with the original.

For those of you who don’t know, Marilyn Chambers was the face of Ivory Snow when Behind the Green Door was released. This caused a lot of controversy and boosted ticket sales for the film. Her all-American, girl next door attitude and looks set apart from other porn stars of the era like Linda Lovelace.

She also tried to crossover into the mainstream in the late 1970s with limited success. Her attempt did get her a starring role in David Cronenberg’s Rabid, which is a very cool movie that you should all see after Behind the Green Door.

* Throated: A Cautionary Tale, The New Devil in Miss Jones, Debbie Does Dallas…Again being the respective remakes