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So You Want To Be A Dom?

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I’ll admit it, I’m no expert on kinky sex. Especially when it comes to doms and subs (dominants and submissives). Sure, I’ve dabbled in the domination game but it’s not something that I would pursue because I’m too sensitive.

Dominating someone else doesn’t work for me because I end up feeling guilty for taking power or humiliating them. Even though dominating a submissive is fulfilling their sexual desires, I can’t shake the suspicions that they’re not 100% into and they’re just being nice. It’s like that tone of voice your girlfriend uses when she says, “It’s fine,” even though you’ve forgotten her birthday for the third year in a row. Just because she says it’s fine, does not mean that things are actually fine.

If domination isn’t my cup of tea, then surely submitting is, right? Wrong. When I’m the submissive during sex, I just feel bullied. Which reminds me of being bullied while growing up. And there’s nothing that kills the mood/causes an erection to go flaccid faster than thinking about your schoolyard bully.

Dom/Sub relationships are complex things and unfortunately I’m qualified to breakdown the complexities and share them with in a manner that hopefully simplifies the principles of such a relationship. However, our friends from LIBERTINE VIDEO are.

The good people of LIBERTINE VIDEO just made a short animated clip (thanks to GoAnimate.com), that illustrates the misconceptions most people have about dominant/submissive relationships.

At first I found the robotic voices featured in this cartoon to be very jarring, but by the end of the video I realized that they were hilarious. It’s not often that a cartoon can be carried just by its solid writing, but “SO YOU WANT TO BE A DOM?” succeeds somehow.

So if you’ve ever wanted to be a dom or be in a kinky dom/sub relationship, pay close attention to the cartoon below because you’re about to learn something!

See! Dom/Sub relationships aren’t even necessarily about sex! I bet most of you are shocked to find that out.

Also, I can’t stress how funny that guy is. He just doesn’t get it!

What you should be taking away from this cartoon courtesy of LIBERTINE VIDEO, is that a dom/sub relationship is first and foremost a relationship. Which makes sense because you need a connection and comfort level to really succeed in the domination. And what’s the point if they’re just going to fuck you and chuck you?

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  • K277

    Remarkably accurate, both the girl on the left who understands what D/s relationships are like, and the disrespectful/inattentive pickup artist on the right.