War Machine Arrested! But Christy Mack Still Needs Your Help

Some good news today: MMA Fighter and male pornstar Jonathan Koppenhaver, better known as War Machine, has been arrested for his brutal attack on your favorite pornstar and his ex-girlfriend Christy Mack.

He was arrested on August 15th in the Ventura County city of Simi Valley around 1:45pm.

KTLA reports, “A former Simi Valley resident, Koppenhaver was found at the Extended Stay America Hotel located at 2498 Stearns St., according to the Simi Valley Police Department…Inside the room,” it added, “was a small quantity of cash and some pizza.”

After being on the run from the Las Vegas Police Department for his brutal attack on Christy Mack, the fugitive outed himself according to the Daily Mail“Koppenhaver called attention to himself when he was seen yelling at and pushing a small woman. Hotel guest Mary Casamento said she called police when she saw him try to grab the woman.”

While War Machine is in police custody awaiting processing, that doesn’t mean Christy Mack doesn’t need your help. So if you’re interested in helping Christy Mack get back on her feet after this horrific story, please continue reading to find out how you can help her:

1. Donate to Christy Mack’s Medical Expenses Fund

At the time I’m writing this, though Christy Mack is expected to make a full recovery, she cannot walk or chew her own food. Christy Mack is currently in hospital for 18 broken bones around her eyes, a broken nose in 2 places, several missing and broken teeth, a fractured rib, a ruptured liver, injured leg and swelling. Naturally, she won’t be able to work until she’s fully healed so donating whatever you can will help her get back on her feet. That’s why Kendall Karson (a fellow pornstar who is also a victim of domestic abuse) recently set up a GiveForward page to help Christy Mack cover her expenses while she recovers. Donate to Christy Mack’s Medical Expenses Fund Here.

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2. Buy something from the Christy Mack store

Every purchase from the Christy Mack store puts money in Christy’s pockets. Plus, you get to take home cool Christy Mack prints and Christy Mack gear. Win-win! http://christymackstore.com/

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3. Join Christy Mack’s website: ChristyMack.com

Not only do you get to see exclusive Christy Mack porn videos and porn pictures, your dollars go straight to Christy Mack. So not only do you get to the videos of Christy Mack you’ll never see anywhere else, you’re also helping her out! So please, join now: ChristyMack.com.

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4. Support preventing violence against women everywhere.

Sadly, this problem is not unique to Christy Mack. There are women all around the world that have gone through similar atrocities as Christy Mack and they sadly do not have an industry, a fan base or a celebrity status that will come to their aid. So in honor of Christy Mack, please donate to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Every little bit makes a difference: DONATE TO THE NCADV.


5. Keep enjoying Christy Mack’s porn!

Just look at the Christy Mack pictures and GIFs below. Isn’t she beautiful? Doesn’t it make you sick that some pig had the nerve to hurt her? Look closer at the gorgeous Christy Mack and let your hatred for War Machine grow. As your hatred for War Machine and everyone who abuses women grows, please remember the steps above and that you can make a difference with your donations.

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We’re all so happy that War Machine is behind bars but there’s still some time before justice is served. So do your part for Christy Mack today so that she can overcome this terrible atrocity and return to fulfilling all are sexual fantasies involving curvy tattooed babes.

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  • Timothy

    The Best part of this post is that your helping a Human who needs assistance. The porn thing is great, more importantly, life is precious.

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  • Rodzilla

    I will donate if I get a signed, notarised, statement that I get every penny, plus a 10% penalty, back, if she so much has a public conversation with that man. If she has half a brain, she would have left him, for good, the FIRST time he beat her.

  • http://www.sex.com/news/ chicodusto


  • http://www.sex.com/news/ chicodusto

    It’s easy to talk big game when you’ve never been in an abusive relationship. Love and violence can affect a person’s decision making ability.

  • Rodzilla

    I have never been in an abusive relationship, but I know a few women who were. The excuses they gave for going back were very feeble. BS like “I know, deep down, he loves me” No, he loves what you allow him to do. or “he promised me he would never do it again” Yet they would go back, time after time. It wasn’t until several of us told one of these guys to stay away, and that he would get double whatever he gave his victim, if he touched her, that it finally stopped. While not everyone has friends they can turn to, there is always a better answer than to go back into the lion’s den,.