Welcome to the new SEX.com

It’s finally here. After toiling away in internet purgatory for a long time, Sex.com is back. Welcome to the new Sex.com!

Sex.com is not your average free porn site. Sex.com is the Pinterest of porn sites. This means that the content is made up of user contributions who pin pictures or videos to their boards. You can assure yourself that you will be getting the internet porn available. The best part is that Sex.com is completely free. If you haven’t already made an account, make one this second. Once you do, you can start building boards of your favorite pics and videos to share with the Sex.com community.

What else can you expect from the new Sex.com? This blog section for one will be something to check regularly. Our crack team of bloggers will be covering all kinds of porn industry news, celebrity sex scandals, sexual health news, sex tips, sex toy reviews, top ten lists, etc. On top of that, be on the look out for our pornstar interviews. You never know what your favorite starlet might reveal.

If you like the site you should become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. Most of all make sure you visit Sex.com once day. Not just because we’ll have new blogs once a day but because you might miss out on quality porn being pinned throughout the day.

And if you have any suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment.

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Published on: June 6, 2012

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