What Is The Best Song to Have Sex To?

Best Songs to Have Sex To

Is there any other kind of music?

So the other day, #Best Songs To Have Sex To was trending on Twitter. Now I’m not really into music that’s not about chilling with the homies or twisting one up, but since I write a sex blog for Sex.com I thought it would be a good idea to investigate what people thought were the best songs to have to.

You may remember that by in large the music that people associate with sex is absolutely terrible. Hopefully, they’ve come up with something a little bit better this time around, but I’m not very optimistic.

Let’s find out what song is the Best Song To Have Sex To.

But before we dive right into the Best Songs To Have Sex To, I’d like to say that given the broad scope of the trend (because it includes everyone who has ever had sex while listening to music and thought that it was cool) the answers are pretty diverse.

There were people who…

…Kept it obvious:


…Like angry sex:


…Like boring sex:


…Like sad and suicidal sex:


…Like to have patriotic sex:


…have no taste in music and probably never had sex:


…make good jokes about having sex (although a little prematurely):


And parrot-heads who have sex:


*Kept the identities private on purpose, y’all.

You’re probably wondering, “What songs are the best song to have to?”

Well, there just isn’t a right answer.

I heard a good story once of a guy who hooked up with this girl at a party. They snuck off to a bedroom and to set the mood, he put on Heroin by The Velvet Underground.

She jerked him off for seven minutes (the length of the song). Ever since then he swears by that song as The Best Song To Have Sex To. Or I guess technically it’s the best song to get a handjob to.

Is it the Best Song To Have Sex To? I don’t know. I can see when the guitars start screeching being pretty fun, but otherwise the song is super depressing. That’s not what would get me in the mood.

The point is, there is right answer to this question. There absolutely no way to determine what song would be the Best Song To Have Sex To.

All I can do is offer you this advice:

Music should only be used to set atmosphere for when you’re having sex. It should not draw attention away from your partner at any time. So it should be something that you enjoy but not a song you like so much that you’ll lose focus. For example, you should never be like Elaine’s boyfriend who loved the song Desperado.

I’ve heard people say that you should listen to music with a rhythm that you can synch up with your thrusting? That’s terrible advice. The sexual rhythm should be dictated by you and your partner. Not whatever’s coming out of your boombox. (By the way, Boombox is my penis’s nickname)

Try different genres of music until you find one that works for you. There’s no easy answer out there. The Best Song To Have Sex To is your opinion and no one can tell you it’s wrong. The only exceptions being if your partner doesn’t like the music or if you think the best song to have sex to is that shitty Kanye West and Jay-Z song. Then you’re the one that’s wrong.

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