What’s Your Celebrity Lesbian Fantasy?

The lesbian kiss of my dreams

The lesbian kiss of my dreams

Are you guys psyched for American Hustle?

There are only 11 more days until it’s released (December 20th, 2013) and I haven’t been this excited for a non-porn movie‘s release since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. If Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale’s wig selection isn’t enough to get you excited about American Hustle then maybe you should know that sexy actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams share a passionate kiss at one point in the movie. 

Obviously I would be even more excited if there was an Amy Adams-Jennifer Lawrence lesbian sex scene but you can’t always get what you want. I’m just very impressed that David O. Russell knew exactly which two sexy actresses I wanted to see paired together.

Jennifer Lawrence is a sexy, young blonde and Amy Adams is a MILF-y redhead. Doesn’t that just scream sexual chemistry to you? It does to me. All I have to do is wait 11 more days and I’ll be able to lay the foundation for a Jennifer Lawrence-Amy Adams lesbian sex scene that will play constantly in my head. Or at least I hope so, it might not be hot within the context of the movie.

Anyways, knowing that my Jennifer Lawrence-Amy Adams fantasy will soon be realized has got me thinking what celebrity lesbian sex scene you’re dying to see.

So if you wouldn’t mind, pick two sexy celebrities you really want to see in a lesbian sex scene:


Some of you might be saying, “Jared Leto? He’s not a sexy lady.” Well, if you saw Jared Leto on The Daily Show last week, you’d know that right now he has the hair of a beautiful lady. He also dresses like a classy babe. Honestly, from behind, you’d never know he was a dude.

Thanks for voting!

PS. If you vote for Glenn Close, I’m going to be very disappointed in you.

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