What’s Going To Happen To Jack Dundee’s All-Gay Straight-Only Emporium?

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Screen Shot 2014 02 27 at 3.41.45 PM Whats Going To Happen To Jack Dundees All Gay Straight Only Emporium?

Jack Dundee’s

Arizona Governor Jan Brewer overturned Arizona State Senate Bill 1062, which would have given Arizonans the right to deny service or any other action based on religious beliefs. So if your religious beliefs tell you to be offended by gay people, you would then have the right to deny gays service.

While it’s good news for the LGTB community in Arizona (is there really such a thing?) that Gov. Jan Brewer overturned the bill, no one seems to be wondering what will happen to Jack Dundee’s All-Gay Straight-Only Adult Emporium

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