What’s the Sexiest Career? Poll Results

Our latest poll asked the question: What’s the Sexiest Career?

We gave you a whole big list of possible selections.  The top ranked careers shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, since they are careers that are very well-represented in the adult industry/porn fantasies/regular fantasies.

Interestingly enough, the closing of the poll coincides with National Teacher Appreciation Week, which runs the week of May 5th every year.   Either y’all voters are smart geniuses, or we happened to coincidentally close the poll during Teacher Appreciation week.  It was a total coincidence, I promise!

So, show your respect and love and admiration for teachers by looking at hundreds of pictures of sexy MILFs in teacher costumes on Sex.com.  Also, if you’re lucky enough to know a sexy teacher in real life, please make sure to have sex with them as much as possible while acting out sexy teacher fantasies.  That’s a direct order from Gil Powers.

Teacher Appreciation Week 

Top 3


Source: xxx.venusarchives.com via VenusVixen on Sex.com

Source: xxx.venusarchives.com via VenusVixen on Sex.com 

Yoga Instructor

Source: twicsy.com via Terror Bride on Sex.com

Source: Uploaded by user via azpk on Sex.com



Source: Uploaded by user via farmer38 on Sex.com

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Bottom 3

President of the United States

Source: boomdown.tumblr.com via b00md0wn on Sex.com



I couldn’t find any pictures for Journalist and Bureaucrat on Sex.com, which is a clear testament to HOW un-sexy these professions are.

Thanks for voting, y’all. Make sure to vote on our newest poll, concerning the NHL playoffs this year!  Here’s the sexiest career poll, so you can check out the results in their entirety, if you have a lot of time to waste or don’t believe me for some reason.

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