Who spends more on sex? Men or Women?

You know...sex.

You know…sex.

It’s no secret that women are better than men at pretty much everything. Sorry guys, but it’s true. We’ve been beat by the fairer sex.

Though surprisingly, the one thing that men are better at than women is spending money on sex. Specifically, in preparation for first-time sex with a new partner.

It’s kind of counter-intuitive, don’t you think? There’s no questions that women spend more on themselves on a day to day basis compared to men. But when you add up the stats from a recent survey of what people are most likely to do before having sex with a new partner, men spend more than women:

1. Shave his face

2. Get a hair cut

3. Tidy his room

4. Trim his pubic hair

5. Buy new underwear

6. Buy new cologne

7. Buy a new outfit

8. Buy new bed linen

9. Have a back wax

10. Have a facial

So what are the top 10 things women spend on before having sex with a new parter? I’m glad you asked because I have the results right here:

1. Remove hair from their legs

2. Buy new bed linen

3. Buy new lingerie

4. Have a standard bikini wax

5. Manicure

6. Buy a new outfit

7. Pedicure

8. Buy new perfume

9. Eyebrow treatment (e.g. waxing, threading and/or tinting)

10. Have a Brazilian/Hollywood wax (does that include #4?)

When you add up all these expenses, women spent an average of $63.50 and men spend slightly more at $71.02.

Maybe it’s just me, but who the heck has time to get a back wax, a bikini wax, new bed linens, new outfits, etc. before the having sex with someone new? Isn’t it a drunken, spontaneous mess the first time you and a new partner have sex?

Whatever. As long as you’re having sex, right?

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