Who Is The World Fapping To?

Around this time last year, PornMD launched its “sex search” feature, which allows everyone to see what the Top 10 porn searches are for almost every country in the world.

While PornMD’s sex search is enlightening, the problem I’ve always had with it is that we mostly only see categories and not specific babes that the world is searching for.

Rather than wait for PornMD to reveal which babes the world was searching for, we decided to dig through Sex.com’s data to find out who the Top 3 babes were that each country searched for before, during, or possibly after their fap-session from January 1st 2013 to December 31st 2013. I assume they were masturbating, but who knows really? Maybe they were searching for pictures and videos to give a handjob that doesn’t suck. Or maybe they were looking for sex advice and got lost along the way! Who knows or cares.

Now, I should say that people mostly search for categories. For the purposes of this map, the popular search terms that weren’t a proper name were omitted because that’s already been done! I think it’s more interesting anyway to know which names the world searches for when browsing the category or searching something vague doesn’t yield the results they hoped for…

Anyways, look at this map to see who the world is fapping to! (Direct link just in case)

With a total of 48 Top 3 appearances from countries all over the world, it’s my great pleasure to announce that the world is fapping to Alexis Texas and her internationally beloved giant butt.


Alexis Texas

Congratulations Alexis! We always knew that you were a fan favorite, but the most searched woman in the world? We should have known, but we didn’t.

My bet was that Lisa Ann would have been #1, since Pornhub found that she was #1 back in 2012. Second place is still totally respectable and who doesn’t love Lisa Ann?

And rounding out the world’s Top 3 is Selena Gomez. Why? I don’t know. I guess she’s attractive in like an extremely-boring-go-to-rehab-for-fake-alcohol-problem kind of way. I’m not here to judge who the world wants to fap to, but c’mon guys. We can do better than Selena Gomez.

Now time for some stray observations:

  • Russia loves Alan Stafford. Further proving that Russians prefer porn featuring men.
  • Sudan is all about Shemales.
  • Cameroon’s most searched woman was Lisa Kudrow. Lisa Kudrow is a spectacular actress but fap material? I don’t know about that.
  • Ghana’s Top 3: Lisa Ann, Lisa Anne, and Lissa Ann. Lisa Ann should go visit some time.
  • All the countries that have never visited Sex.com are dead to me (unless they have internet censorship, then I understand)

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Published on: March 10, 2014

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