World’s First Smart Bra Is Actually Very Stupid


True Love Bra

Last year, Microsoft started research on a “Smart Bra” that could measure emotions. Why they started the research isn’t quite clear. Probably a bunch of computer nerds that wanted to practice unhooking bras just in case they’re ever in the presence of a real live woman.

While the Microsoft nerds were busy familiarizing themselves with bras, a Japanese company has come up with the world’s first “Smart Bra“.

Smart Bra” is in quotes because Ravijour‘s bra is designed to only open for true love, which is a very stupid idea. 

Ravijour‘s “TRUE LOVE TESTER” bra (yes, it’s actually called the True Love Tester) unhooks itself when the wearer experiences true love.

You could try and unhook the bra by hand, but it doesn’t seem easy:

Or you could try bribing the bra:

Though using your hands or bribes are perfectly good ways of unhooking conventional bras, the only way to unhook the “True Love Tester” is through true love.

The “True Love Tester” can measure true love through heart-rate sensors. Weird. Heart-rate isn’t what I would measure to determine true love. Personally, I’ve always been able to know that I was in love based on the hardness of my penis, but I guess women are just different.

For more on how the “True Love Tester” works, why not watch their promo video.

How did the world’s first Smart Bra come out so stupid? Bras are meant to be taken off on a whim, not unlockable.

I do hope that these catch on because imagine how funny it would be to see a bra fly off a woman right before you had sex.

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    I need a good sex girl

  • Emja

    That’s absolutely, completely bringing back the dumb chastity belt contraption from Robin Hood: Men in Tights. But with iPhone appeal. And money.

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