The World’s Top 10 Cheaters Exposed

It seems like the only thing people have been talking about on the Internet is the Jay Z-cheating-on-Beyonce scandal. Whenever a celebrity couple cheating scandal breaks, all of a sudden everyone has their two-cents to share.

You got the teenybopper (or older, unfortunately) female sample who join in lament with Bey, united by the unbreakable bond of sistahood, accusing Jay Z of being pea-brained for cheating on the Queen.

You got the sleazy male pool (us included) who are getting ready to serve as rebound for Queen Bey, posting stupid Facebook statuses and Tweeting to Beyoncé things like “I would never cheat on ya bae”.

You got the tabloids on crack going 1000 miles an hour with click-bait headlines about NEWEST LEAKED DETAILS FROM SOURCE CLOSE TO THE FAMILY.

And you got me, thinking about this study I read once which found that men who watch porn are more likely to cheat than those who don’t watch porn at all.

In other words, cheaters consume 3 times more porn than their no-fap counterparts. The more porn you watch, the more likely you are to cheat. I mean, Jay Z probably watches a lot of porn, a lot more than the average 25-35 year old man, according to a source close to the family, otherwise he’d have to be f*cking dumb to dip his surfboard elsewhere than in Beyoncé Sea – Hey Bey, if you’re reading this, know that I’d never cheat on ya.

So, all this has got me thinking that we’re sitting on a goldmine of information. Below are the 10 countries that have the highest percentage of users per total population – hence the highest percentage of scummy, cheating bastards. YOU’RE WELCOME WOMEN OF THE WORLD. THE WORLD'S TOP CHEATERS EXPOSED

If our hypothesis is true (which it most certainly is because we worked all day on it), the most cheaters in the world are located right here in the good ol’ USA. We may be ranked 26th in math, but at least we can take comfort in the fact that we’re better cheaters than anyone else in the world.

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Published on: August 7, 2014

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