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Xander Corvus Shocked That MILFs Want Him

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rSzvl Xander Corvus Shocked That MILFs Want Him

Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus has been in the adult industry since 2010 and he’s well on his way to being one of the top adult male performers (if he isn’t already).

The 22 year old has filmed hundreds of sex scenes in the last three years but for some reason he’s still genuinely surprised that anyone (MILFs in particular) would want to sleep with him.

What evidence do I have to back-up my claim? Just watch this video:

See what I mean?

You’d think Xander would get used to horny, older women coming on to him but he just never sees it coming.

I for one like Xander’s naïveté. When an older woman starts coming on to you, shock is always the first reaction. Arousal comes much later.

It’s just a believable performance that we’re getting from Xander Corvus. No wonder he’s so popular!

Thank you CravingCorvus.tumblr.com for putting these clips together.

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