• This Is How You Fuck In Public

    There’s no thrill quite like fucking in public. Sex is already always thrilling, but doing it in the open air where you can be caught at any time is exhilarating. Some people can easily be deterred by the fear of getting caught, but that’s why we have Public Pickups to show us how it’s done.

    Watch this free preview of a busty amateur slut getting fucked in public because it is how fucking in public is done.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on Sex.com

    Did you learn how to fuck in public from that video? We did because the video shows that it’s all about confidence. Forget doing it quickly in one position to wrap it up ASAP when you fuck in public. Trust your instincts that you’ve chosen a secluded-enough area and pound that mouth, those tits and that pussy any damn way you please. It certainly helps if you have a busty euro slut that’s totally inhibited to fuck in public like the one you just saw in the video above, but it’s not a requirement.

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    Amateur porn is great but it’s even better with a Mofos membership.

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  • Train Your Cock To August Ames’ Workout Sex Tape

    All men want the same two things: to last longer in bed and August Ames‘ big tits. While you are unlikely to enjoy August Ames’ big tits IRL, you can still watch them on video and actually train yourself to last longer in bed.

    The idea is that there’s nothing hotter than August Ames, especially in her workout-themed sex tape for Mofos. Masturbating to the video below will help you last longer in bed because if you can make it to the end of the video without blowing your load, you can fuck anyone without worrying about premature ejaculation.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on Sex.com

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  • Stranded Teen Foxy Di Does Anal in Public For a Ride

    If we ever saw a stranded teen half as hot as Foxy Di, you better believe we’d risk life and limb to pull over and give her a ride. But that’s just because we’re nice guys. If we ever saw Foxy Di stranded on the road somewhere, we’d probably end up crashing and burning because we’d be too busy thinking about the time Stranded Teens picked her up and she repaid them with a hot anal fuck in public.

    In case you don’t know Foxy Di’s hot, public anal fuck we are referring to, watch it below.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on Sex.com

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  • Karla Kush is Sexy From Head to Toe, Literally

    Truthfully, we’re not really into foot fetish porn. Feet just don’t get our blood-flowing like a nice rack or big booty does. But we have been known to totally understand the appeal of a sexy lady’s sexy feet under the right circumstances. And by “the right circumstances”, we mean the effortlessly sexy Karla Kush getting a lil footsie in this hot fuck from 21Sextury.

    Source: Uploaded by 21sextury on Sex.com

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  • Samantha Rone’s Tight Ass Gets Spanked Red and Fucked for Tushy.com

    Samantha Rone, the petite, blonde pornstar we can’t see get fucked enough, has made a two year-old dream come true by teaming up with Tushy.com. Since Samantha Rone started doing porn in 2013, we’ve wanted nothing more than to see this too-cute-for-porn angel get her tight ass get fucked. And now, we finally can.

    Watch the dream of Samantha Rone’s first anal come true courtesy of Tushy.com.

    Source: Uploaded by TUSHY on Sex.com

    Seeing Samantha Rone’s get little ass get fucked for the first is definitely something to be thankful for. However, now that we’ve seen it…a couple hundred times, we are just generally appreciative that a girl as cute as Samantha Rone not only does porn, but makes amazing porn videos. The day we get tired of seeing Samantha Rone play an innocent chick that turns into a super slut at first sight of a cock or the first lick of her clit, we want you to euthanize us.

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    And finally, here’s a tip for any guys reading this that have trouble cumming: If you feel like you are not able to orgasm, simply close your eyes and imagine Samantha Rone on her knees in front of you, patiently waiting to taste and swallow your cum. Picturing Samantha’s pretty face eagerly anticipating your hot load to fill her mouth. You have the Sex.com Blog’s guarantee that thinking of this image whenever you are having trouble finishing will bolt you across the finish line in spectacular fashion. If not, you are SOL, I guess.

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  • Jasmine Caro Can Even Make Sticky Notes Sexy

    Sticky notes, the small pieces of paper with re-adherable strips of glue on their backs, made for temporarily attaching notes to documents and other surfaces aren’t sexy, right? WRONG.

    This revelation may shock and confuse you because how can a mundane office supply such as sticky notes be sexy? For this, we turn to the Brazzers video below starring the effortlessly sexy Latina Jasmine Caro who does the impossible and makes sticky notes sexy.

    Source: Uploaded by Brazzers on Sex.com

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  • Adriana Chechik’s Blacked.com Scene Has It All

    If Adriana Chechik‘s name isn’t already synonymous with intensely hot porn videos, her latest scene for Blacked.com makes sure that it is.

    There’s a bit of cuckolding, there’s squirting, there’s anal and, of course, there’s interracial. And wouldn’t you know it, Adriana Chechik makes it all look very, very good. Watch a free preview below or see the full video in HD only on Blacked.com.

    Source: Uploaded by Blacked on Sex.com

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  • Asa Akira Prefers Getting Banged By Two Cocks

    It takes a special kind of lady to suck and fuck two cocks simultaneously. That’s why Asa Akira is such a special lady. Not only can she handle two cocks with ease, it looks as though she prefers two cocks in the Puba video below.

    Anyone who dares doubt our assessment of Asa Akira’s cock-quantity preferences, push play now. And even if you don’t doubt us, push play because you are going to see something incredible.

    Source: Uploaded by pubanetwork on Sex.com

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  • Katrina Jade’s Honeymoon Sex Tape

    We have no doubt that all of you would do anything to marry busty beauty Katrina Jade because you’d have to be some kind of moron not to lock down a pair of big tits as nice as Katrina’s. But just to reaffirm your desire to marry Katrina Jade, watch Katrina’s honeymoon sex tape courtesy of Mofos. It confirms what you always knew: Katrina Jade is the wife of your dreams.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on Sex.com

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  • Kendra Lust’s First Anal is Even Hotter Than You Imagined

    Finally. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Kendra Lust‘s first anal is here and because the world’s sexiest MILF decided to make her anal sex debut with Tushy.com, it’s even better than you could have imagined. Not an easy thing to do because we’ve always known that when Kendra Lust finally gave up that hot ass of hers, it would be amazing.

    Just watch the free, 10-minute preview below or visit Tushy.com now to stream and download Kendra Lust’s first anal now.

    Source: Uploaded by user via TUSHY on Sex.com

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  • How Can Noelle Easton Get Any Hotter?

    Noelle Easton is one of porn’s hottest stars thanks to her ample ass and and all-natural massive tits. Watching those curves quiver as she cums on a big cock is simply amazing. But here’s a question: can Noelle Easton get any hotter? You may not think it’s possible for Noelle Easton to get any hotter but there’s one simple that can be done to push her already unspeakable hotness over the edge: cover her sexy body in oil.

    For proof, we turn to the Brazzers video below. It features Noelle Easton’s hot bod getting oiled up before she takes a big cock. Somehow, Noelle Easton wearing nothing but a fine layer of oil makes her hotter than ever. Which is no easy feat because she was already stunning before.

    Source: Uploaded by Brazzers on Sex.com

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  • Stella Cox Is Even Hotter When Stranded

    If any of you guys aren’t totally in love with U.K. porn star Stella Cox‘s big tits yet, you are in for a real treat.

    In the video below from Stranded Teens, we find Stella in the back of a cab. She hasn’t got any money to pay for the ride, which is no big deal for Stella. She knows all she needs to do to get a free ride is flash her gorgeous tits. Stella Cox’s big tits are better than any legal tender anyways. But being a horny British slut, Stella’s little flash turns her on so much that she needs the cabbie to pull over so that she can taste and get fucked by his big cock.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on Sex.com

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  • Alektra Blue’s Tushy.com Video Deserves a Perfect 10/10

    We were just browsing Tushy.com, as we do every week, and we noticed something strange. If you were to browse through Tushy.com’s Top Rated scenes, you’ll find Alektra Blue‘s magisterial anal sex video on the third page with a 9.2 rating.

    We’re sorry but a 9.2 rating is simply far too low. All Alektra Blue videos deserve at least a 9.5 rating as she’s simply one of the porn industry’s best talents and has been for nearly a decade. Her Tushy.com video in particular deserves a perfect score. I don’t know if you guys are taking Alektra Blue for granted, but please watch this sultry brunette get fucked in the ass for Tushy and think about why you withheld that .8 from her rating.

    Source: TUSHY on Sex.com

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  • These Three Sluts Sure Know How to Party

    Farrah Flower, Jade Jantzen and Tiffany Cane sure know how to party. One minute they are straddling lawn flamingos, which quickly escalates to a simulated blowbang with lawn flamingos, which then turns into a blowbang, which then turns into an orgy.

    While we’re pissed that we weren’t invited to party with these three sluts, we are sure as hell glad that Real Slut Party was there to capture the whole thing go down.

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  • This Cassidy Klein Video Proves Anal is the Best Anniversary Present

    Ladies, are you tired of your man forgetting your anniversary? Well here’s a tip from your friends at the Sex.com Blog to ensure he never forgets your anniversary ever again: let him fuck your ass. We’ll continue to explain why below, but first watch Cassidy Klein give her tight ass to her man courtesy of Tushy.com. The greatest gift of all.

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