• 9 Reasons Why Cassidy Banks is One of Porn’s Top Models

    Busty beauty Cassidy Banks was recently featured in Elegant Angel‘s Porn’s Top Black Models Vol. 4 along with Chanel Heart, Anya Ivy and Teanna Trump. And while we couldn’t agree more that all four of these gorgeous porn stars are deserving of their “top black model”-titles, we would like to posit that Cassidy Banks isn’t just one of porn’s top black models but one of porn’s top models, period.

    We have a list of reasons to back up our belief but first watch a preview of Cassidy Banks’ latest Elegant Angel scene below.

    Source: Uploaded by Elegantangelxxx on Sex.com.


    Now that you have seen Cassidy Banks in action, let us tell you the # reasons why Cassidy Banks is one of porn’s top models.

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  • 2 Videos That Prove Halloween is For Sex

    Question: Is Halloween for scares or for sex? It seems obvious that the answer would be, “Halloween is for scares, not sex. Valentine’s Day is for sex,” until you consider this: slutty costumes. Halloween is the only holiday where it’s acceptable to traipse around in lingerie (calling it a costume the entire, of course), so that you can have anonymous, drunken sex with whomever you please. If that doesn’t qualify Halloween as a sex holiday then I guess sex holidays are something that I just made up right now!

    To further Halloween’s reputation as a sex holiday, watch the two videos below–one from Tiny4K and one from Passion-HD–because hot porn stars Janice Griffith and Adria Rae getting a 9-inches of dick is one hell of a treat.

    Janice Griffith becomes a naughty slut for Halloween

    Source: Uploaded by Tiny4K on Sex.com 

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  • The 8 Hottest Taboo Porn Videos by New Sensations

    Sex is hottest when it is had at times, in places or with people that will get you a wag of the finger, you naughty devil. Why would taboo porn videos be so popular if it weren’t for the high-stakes, borderline-wrong sex depicted on screen? The general sex appeal of the girls that star in taboo porn videos, I would imagine.

    If you like watching today’s hottest porn stars have naughty sex in taboo porn videos, then look no further because we have found the hottest # taboo porn videos on Sex.com and they are all below in a convenient list for your viewing pleasure. To see more hot taboo porn videos on Sex.com, you can’t go wrong with New Sensations’ official Sex.com page: New Sensations on Sex.com.

    New Sensations

    1. Cassidy Klein fucks her stepbrother

    After her stepbrother Chad got his ass beat trying to stand up for her reputation, Cassidy Klein‘s sexual attraction to him reached a boiling point. To show her appreciation, Cassidy Klein dropped to her knees to swallow her stepbrother’s big cock and rocked his world. Thank you, New Sensations for this taboo porn video.

    Source: Uploaded by NewSensations on Sex.com.

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  • Riley Reid DP’d for Tushy.com

    In the last four years that Riley Reid has been doing porn, we have been treated to some exceptional sex videos starring the sexy spinner. With over 300 movies and web videos already under her belt, Riley Reid took her career to the next level a few months ago with her sensational debut anal scene for Tushy.com‘s Being Riley. In case you missed it, you can get caught up on Tushy.com‘s recent releases on their official Sex.com page: stream free Tushy.com videos.

    Being Riley recently concluded in grand fashion with the first ever Riley Reid DP. Riley Reid getting her pussy and ass stuffed by two big cocks at the same time is something every porn fan needs to see at least once.

    Source: Uploaded by TUSHY on Sex.com

    If there is any criticism one can make regarding the first ever Riley Reid DP, it’s that having Riley Reid tell Aidra Fox about her first tryst with double penetration is a bit of a wasted opportunity. Rather than have Aidra Fox hear the news, why wasn’t she in the mix, cheering on the adorable, petite slut Riley Reid while she was getting her tight holes fucked.

    Really though, it’s not such a bad deal. Aidra Fox in a non-sex role is still great. And besides, Riley Reid’s anal threesome with Aidra Fox was so good that we know we shouldn’t complain about Aidra’s absence in the Riley Reid DP.

    To watch more of the hottest anal sex videos the internet has to offer, check out Tushy.com on Sex.com or visit:

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  • 7 Amateur Porn Stars You Need to Watch Fuck Right Now

    Every day, the Mofos offices are getting flooded with sex tape submissions from amateur porn stars trying to see if they’ve got the goods to make it big in the porn industry. While each amateur porn star’s submission to Mofos is worth at least one watch, we just finished vetting Sex.com’s collection of free Mofos videos and there are 7 amateur porn stars you need to watch fuck right now.

    Some you may recognize, whether from previous amateur porn work or, hopefully, they’ve gone on to make professional porn videos. Either way, make sure you are alone, drop your pants and prepare to have your load blown over and over again by some spectacular amateur porn stars courtesy of Mofos.

    1. Sexy ebony teen Anya teases the camera

    Anya’s big tits are simply hypnotic. Enjoy. Thank goodness her amateur sex tape led her to a professional porn career. See more Anya.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on Sex.com.

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  • Kate England and Ash Hollywood Like To Cheat on Their Husbands with BBCs

    What would happen if porn stars Kate England and Ash Hollywood were bored housewives? Well they’d still be objects of our desire but in this alternate universe where Kate and Ash aren’t two hot porn stars but bored housewives, they’d spend their days pining for a big black cock to share.

    Lucky for you, you don’t have to use your imagine to see what it would be like if Kate England and Ash Hollywood were bored housewives desperate for interracial satisfaction. Blacked.com can take you there. Watch Kate and Ash make cuckolds out of their husbands as they team up on Jason Brown’s dick. To see more interracial porn videos, visit Blacked.com on Sex.com.

    Source: Uploaded by Blacked on Sex.com

    Remember when Madonna wore that cone bra and it looked like she had torpedo tits? That’s what Kate England’s rack reminds me of. I really hope no one misconstrues that as an insult. I mean it as an endorsement of Kate England. They are unique and uniqueness is sexy. Besides, shouldn’t all comparisons to Madonna be considered by positive ones? She is still the Queen, after all. Meanwhile, Ash Hollywood is simply Ash Hollywood. Even if Ash won all the porn awards, she would still be underrated as a performer. She’s just that good.

    We sincerely wish that all of you get ganged up on by two hot blonde, married chicks that just want a big cock to fuck them hard. Of course, in the unlikely event that two hot blonde, married chicks gang up on your cock, we recommend that you blow off some steam with the best interracial porn videos available on the internet on Blacked.com.

    Every week they are releasing a brand new interracial porn video even hotter than the last, so sign up and visit often because Blacked.com is the home of must-see interracial porn.

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  • Hot Wife Britney Amber’s First Gangbang is the Gangbang of the Year

    If you like watching hot chicks take on more than 3 cocks at once, you are in for a real treat. The inescapably alluring porn beauty Britney Amber did her first ever gangbang for New Sensations and we can’t help but declare it to be the gangbang of the year.

    Watch a free preview of Britney Amber’s first gangbang below to see why it tops all the gangbangs of 2015.

    Source: Uploaded by NewSensations on Sex.com

    So why is Britney Amber’s first gangbang our pick for the best gangbang of the year? Well, first and foremost, have you seen Britney Amber lately? Girl is looking too good. We’ll always be suckers for Britney’s steely blue eyes, but her tits and ass are looking prime. And that new red hair! We loved Britney as a blonde, but she’s even better as a redhead.

    Furthermore, you won’t see another group sex video where the girl matches Britney Amber’s enthusiasm for all the cock she’s getting stuck with. Nor will you see a group sex video that looks this good, aside from other New Sensations group sex videos, because this is made with the signature New Sensations attention to style. Visit NewSensations.com if you want to see more porn videos that are as visually pleasing as getting your dick sucked by Britney Amber herself.

    Alternatively, you can always hit up New Sensations on Sex.com to stream free New Sensations videos right now.

    If you think you know of another gangbang that can top Britney Amber’s first gangbang, please share it with us in the comments. We already know that your suggestions are wrong because they won’t star Britney Amber, but we’d like to see them any way.

    October 16, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn, Pornstars • Views: 9883

  • Aidra Fox Gives the Best Wet and Sloppy Head

    Just when you thought your obsession with supremely sexy teen porn star Aidra Fox couldn’t get any more intense, Elegant Angel goes and releases a new Aidra Fox video where she gives the best wet and sloppy blowjob we have ever seen.

    Watch Aidra Fox suck and get face-fucked below (or see the full video with full face-fucking, sloppy head and tight teen pussy penetration only on ElegantAngel.com).

    Source: Uploaded by elegantangelxxx on Sex.com

    If you were able to watch Aidra Fox give that big dick some wet, sloppy love with her mouth and not melt to a hot puddle of goo, congratulations! You can now go through life with Aidra Fox’s messy oral sex skills emblazoned on your brain. With that stored in your spankbank, you will never risk suffering from any kind of sexual dysfunction. At least we’re pretty sure because Aidra Fox is so damn fine (especially when her pretty face is bobbing up and down on a big cock).

    But you only saw Aidra Fox suck a big dick. Watching her fuck it is, dare I say, better? Maybe not, depending on what you like to watch your porn stars do. Regardless, watching Aidra Fox do anything is always a treat so do yourself a favour and stream the full video on Elegant Angel now.

    Stream free Elegant Angel videos on their exclusive Sex.com page if you want to see more videos featuring today’s hottest porn stars getting fucked hard.

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  • Live Your Naughty Schoolgirl Fantasy with this Jillian Janson POV Video

    The naughty schoolgirl fantasy is a classic sexually fantasy. Who doesn’t love plaid skirts and pigtails? However, you must never act on your lust for naughty schoolgirls. You know, just in case.

    Thankfully, our friends New Sensations have a long-running series of POV porn movies called Schoolgirl POV where they dress up hot, young porn stars in naughty schoolgirl outfits and shoot it in a way that lets viewers like you and me feel like we’re living our fantasies. If you want to live your naughty schoolgirl fantasy with a super sexy porn star that fits the bill of naughty schoolgirl to perfection: Jillian Janson.

    Source: Uploaded by NewSensations on Sex.com

    I’m sure you already thought that Jillian Janson was hot, but a Jillian Janson POV appearance is untouchable. A Jillian Janson POV video is like finding out there’s peanut butter inside the chocolate, oh so sweet.

    If you want to have unlimited access to New Sensations’ massive library of schoolgirl POV videos just like this Jillian Janson POV, then visit their site today.

    On top of their massive library of schoolgirl POV videos, NewSensations.com has all kinds of porn videos waiting for you to stream. They have taboo, incest videos, kinky hot wife videos, couples porn videos and so much more. A membership, in our humble opinion, gets you serious bang for minimal buck.

    To get a free taste of what awaits you when you get a membership, stream free New Sensations videos on Sex.com.

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  • Watch Jade Jantzen’s First DP from MyVeryFirstTime

    After Jade Jantzen’s interracial debut, we fully expected her to rest on her laurels and coast on the success of passing a high-profile porn milestone with such grace and style. How wrong we were.

    Jade Jantzen recently stopped by MyVeryFirstTime, the best porn site that specializes in featuring hot girls doing something they’ve never done before, to perform her very first double penetration. If you are familiar with Jade Jantzen’s juicy pussy and booty, then you already know that seeing them get fucked at the same time is gonna be sweet. Lucky for you, you can watch Jade Jantzen’s first DP below thanks to MyVeryFirstTime’s official Sex.com page.

    Source: Uploaded by MyVeryFirstTime on Sex.com

    Watch Jade Jantzen first DP in full on MyVeryFirstTime.com now

    You know who Jade Jantzen reminds me of? The hottest girl in school. There’s something about the way she carries herself that reminds me of those girls who just knew they were hot shit. That’s neither here nor there. Just an observation.

    It’s not often that new porn stars as hot as Jade Jantzen indulge in something as hardcore as the DP so early on in their careers. I don’t know how MyVeryFirstTime was able to make it a reality, but show your gratitude for making Jade Jantzen’s first DP a reality by clicking this link.

    To see amateurs film their first porn videos, new porn stars do their first anals and more for free, check out MyVeryFirstTime on Sex.com.

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  • 9 Porn Stars That Need New Brazzers Videos ASAP

    Whenever we think of our favourite porn stars, most of their best work happen to be in Brazzers videos. Coincidence? Not at all. Brazzers is synonymous with the internet’s hottest porn videos.

    We hope we are not overstepping our boundaries, but we’d like to throw out some names of porn stars that are overdue for another starring roles in Brazzers videos to remind fans all over the porn-viewing public of fapworthy talent they may have forgotten. We will happily accept new videos from the porn stars listed below by any company, but we would especially like to see them in upcoming Brazzers videos.

    1. Jayden Lee

    The last time Asian anal slut Jayden Lee appeared in a Brazzers video was March 2015. With 2016 staring us in the face, it’s definitely time that Jayden Lee shoot some more Brazzers videos, especially when you consider that her last outing for Brazzers is one of the best porn videos, period. Watch said porn video “Hardcore Gamer Chick” below.

    Source: Uploaded by Brazzers on Sex.com. 

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  • Watch Nina Elle Do Two Things You Should Never Do

    Big breasted blonde MILF Nina Elle should be your sexual idol because she’s got more sex appeal in one eyelash than you have in your entire body. However, in the Evil Angel video below, she does two things you mustn’t ever do. Watch it below and see if you can figure it out. (Answer after the jump).

    Source: Uploaded by EvilAngelFame on Sex.com

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  • Nicole Aniston and Abigail Mac Together Is Why We Love Lesbian Porn

    Nicole Aniston and Abigail Mac are two names that always imply “Awesome Porn Video Ahead” thanks to their sexy, stacked bodies. But what would happen if you got these two busty beauties together for some lesbian sex? Could it be too much of a good thing? Puba dared to find out and the result was simply a tangible explanation for why we love lesbian porn.

    If you don’t click play on the video below to see Nicole Aniston and Abigail Mac worship each other’s hot bodies, something might be wrong with you.

    Source: Uploaded by Pubanetwork on Sex.com

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  • Julia Ann’s Sexiest Asset

    There is no shortage of reasons to love sexy MILF Julia Ann. From her big tits to her ample ass to her still-tight-as-a-teen pussy, Julia Ann is always a joy to watch no matter what niche of porn she’s doing. That said, we think we’ve put our finger on the sexiest aspect of Julia Ann.

    Watch Julia Ann devour a big dick from her scene in Evil Angel‘s ode to MILF blowjobs MILFs Suck! #01 and see if you can guess what Julia Ann’s sexiest asset is…

    Source: Uploaded by EvilAngelFame on Sex.com

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  • Dirty Amateur Euro Teen Fucks For Money

    I don’t know if I’ve been watching too many Public Pickups videos but I’m starting to think that living anywhere but Europe is a bad idea. To fully understand what I mean, watch the Public Pickups video embedded below.

    Source: Uploaded by Mofos on Sex.com

    We all saw that, right? Homie just rolled up on that dirty amateur euro teen, told her she was pretty, flashed some cash and then all of a sudden her tits came out and she was blowing him! That hot, dirty euro teen even sucked the thumb he stuck in her ass while he fucked her from behind.

    I can’t speak on how regular girls from the other 6 continents would respond to: “Hey, I’m a stranger with some money. Want to fuck? I’ll film it,” but thank goodness for these euro teen sluts are so ready and willing to take a strange cock on camera because without them, there would be no Public Pickups. And without Public Pickups, there would be a severe dearth of quality amateur porn videos.


    October 12, 2015 • Pictures & Vids, Porn • Views: 6532