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Red Head Picture - I want to taste every freckled inch of this unidentified redhead.


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superbe visage avec tâches de rousseurs,les bras,la poitrine mmmm.
she no redhead :/ Freckles, yes, but no red hair.
Jack Inhofe
Um ... Yeah, that's red hair. It's what is commonly referred to as "strawberry blonde" or "Venetian blonde," which are, by definition, reddish blonde. Go ahead, Google it. I'll wait.
Jack Inhofe
Think of it in terms of a Venn diagram: You've got one circle that's pure blonde hair, one circle that's pure red hair. In that sliver where the blonde and red circles overlap is where you'd find strawberry blonde.
Jack Inhofe
So, it's kinda got its feet in both camps: It's on the reddish end of the blonde spectrum and on the lighter end of the ginger spectrum.
Jack Inhofe
But that's all really long to type out, and I prefer redheads to blondes, so I chose to highlight this particular model's gingerness in my pin description. Because, you know, it's my pin.
Jack Inhofe
And boom goes the dynamite.
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