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Shhh, don't tell. It's a surprise for her brother, when he returns today from hospital. She asked me if I would like to assist her with nursing and take care of him. Boys and cycle-stunts... not a good combination =}
I bet he will be delighted. But he can't move so much with his broken arm... What should he do? And what if his parents find out?
@stefanmeier, he just lay there, one of us will get on top of himand will love to move, while the other will take care he get some juice to drink. No orange-juice, but he will love it. After a while she and I will change place, being good nurses to him.
The parents? Well, they will be glad his sis and her girlfriend offer themselves up for take care of him so that they can go to their work. Both they know he's with us in good hands. =)
@maniancnymph. well I got used now a little to take cock in my ass, only deepthroath... can't handle.. while she's love to do... but therefor I'm the one who loves to lick and swallow the juices...
Ouh Raaider, i like your style. What do little kinky nurses do after work btw?
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