Picture - Waiting to be pleasured in the dark


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I hate waiting! Hubby is trying to teach me patience, so I endure it.
Jimmy Rrr
surely you are allowed to pleasure yourself whilst you await his attentions....?
NO! I am forbidden to pleasure myself unless specifically ordered to do so (which is almost never). That's why I hate waiting!
Jimmy Rrr
it must be worth waiting for - what does he do to your body...?
It is definitely worth waiting for, but that does not make it any easier. Hubby knows how to play my body like a fine instrument!
Jimmy Rrr
Would it feel very, very naughty if you were to pleasure yourself? No dildos or anything, just your fingers probing the entrance to your Cunt, pushing deeper, imagining it was Hubby's huge cock slipping inside you.... He has got a huge cock, hasn't he?
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Bound For Pleasure
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