this is a family tradition of male, we gathered all the men and put in a line for everybody to feel the love between generations, I love dad
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I love family meeting when we call all men to know us better and mess around in our secret place that only men know
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I love myUncle because his share porn and teaches us new tricks jeck off and don´t ashamed to call nephews,friends and his own son to show
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when I go to the locker room with my father and my uncle and cousin always enjoyed the longest time we have together
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I love being part of this family male who always has time to relax no matter the time and place because we love to do together!
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how I wish my uncle was my father because he treats me so well that he calls me second favorite son! haa how I'm jealous of my cousin.
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My DAD and uncle always get excited after playing soccer with me and my cousin but the best part is when we go to the locker room
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when I'm masturbating with my uncles and my cousins​​, my dad always helps me drop a big cumshot! I love it when we're together.
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always come first at home after rides a bike,to ride my uncle's cock to relax before someone gets home!
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My uncle was always so nice to me, why I can not give pleasuring him, sometimes I wish he be my father to we get closest all time.
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this is what happens when you do not have a father but has horny uncles who would love be your father, all my cousins get jealous!
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first it was hard,until I said I do everything your wife doesn't,my uncle started to fuck me every time as we can to his wife doesn't know!
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I like to find all men family to relax a little bit, we know how to keeper a secret and have fun every week when we met.
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I miss my dad, what comforts me is that my uncle look like my dad ,who always lets me suck him when we are alone!
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I love camping with my uncle because we can do whatever we want all day!
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that's myDAD talking to my uncle is normal to have a special relationship between father and son in the family and asked to enjoy!good start
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our secret in a family of men!
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I now understand why my married uncle said I was his favorite nephew! he is crazy at my boy ass, I said you're my favorite uncle joe!
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I love spending time at my uncle's house, when I wake up in the morning, the first thing I get is the cock of my uncle, to have a good day.
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I love spending holidays with my family because we felt so free with all the men of the family,we become more intimate and enjoy our freedom
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when I turned 18,my dad and my grandfather introduced me to the man fun only that our family has,it was the best thing I like in my family.
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My uncle always love I help him to masturbate,he always helped me explore my sexuality he said and duty to teach when uncles do not have dad
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is great when you can reach your goal, my goal was to make my father and uncle fall for me to be a happy family do DP.
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I love going to my uncle's house because he always teaches me that I should learn from my dad but he told me that with the all family is hot
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ohh!I like when all the men of the family are together to have a moment that only men can satisfy.
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what I most like to do with my dad is jerk off together was the best thing he taught me, ha man how I love my dad!
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I always had in my horny uncle,but to see it better,I used to masturbate together porn and then I attacked him with my mouth,tasty like men
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I love when the family is reunited. we get super horny and naughty when we're together.
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