Yeah, baby, smear that thick ball juice allover that tight body! Mmmmm... now say
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I told you, baby, lick my asshole and my balls and I cum faster! Drink it all, sweetheart!
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We are very proud of you, baby! Now slurp daddy's cock as deep as you can while he eats your juicy holes!
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gosh. Daddy, I don't know if I can walk, my legs are like rubber. I'll just sit here and let my stretched out cunt leak into my panties...
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Cmon, daddy, dump another load up your girls swampy cunt! The last six guys loved it, so will you!
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Of course I do... it's what I'm built for... and don't be gentle!
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Oh, darling, I think I've bottomed out! Can you take two more inches?
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That tangy taste? Oh, that's from your it?
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Now... say thank you to the nice man. My turn again.
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Leave it in there, so i can feel the vibe through your cunt.
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